Our Mission

The Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes facilitates interactions among research and practice communities to co-develop sustainable forest and landscape management solutions. We provide critical interdisciplinary expertise, education, and training, for the sustainable management of forested landscapes.


We work with partners across the UK, Europe, and globally, to deliver research and education that spans the intersection of society’s need for food, forests, water, energy, and functional ecosystems. The challenge of sustaining multifunctional landscapes to enhance human wellbeing, as well as conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change, is our core remit.

Our People and Expertise 

Our Centre brings together academics from GeoSciences, Agriculture, Economics, Business, Health, Social and Political Science, and Landscape Architecture. Our wide-ranging expertise spans ecosystem management, forestry, climate change, policy and governance science, agricultural development, monitoring and remote sensing systems, carbon management, and more.

What we offer

The Centre coordinates research, runs training courses, convenes workshops, and compiles rapid syntheses of evidence. We offer access to a broad set of science-based skills for evidence provision, training, decision making, and impact delivery. This is supported by professional facilitation and outreach expertise.