15 June – 19 June 

Small Group Seminar

Led by Adele Patrick on Monday 15 June 

Group 1 and Group 2:  2pm

Group 3 and Group 4:  4pm 

In this seminar participants will share perspectives on how values-led approaches might lead to impacts and engagement in the cultural sector. Sharing ideas generated together in Week 2, we will explore the ways that cultural organisations can include and exclude, build expanded visualisations of ‘the cultural offer’ rooted in values and translate research into impactful approaches to practice.

Recorded Interviews

In these discussions, a panel of artists, academics and policy makers present and discuss a variety of approaches to writing for and engaging with public and policy audiences. With contributions from Nick Bibby (Scottish Policy and Research Exchange), Clive Gillman (Creative Scotland), Dr Helen Graham (University of Leeds) and Alberta Whittle (Artist).  Moderated by Dr Dave O’Brien and Dr Kirsten Lloyd.

Alberta Whittle (Artist)

Clive Gillman (Creative Scotland)

Dr Helen Graham (University of Leeds)

Nick Bibby (Scottish Policy and Research Exchange)