This online seminar series on energy modelling is an informal opportunity to discuss research, get feedback, make new connections, find collaborators, data, etc. For as long as we can manage, we will have one or two speakers each seminar, with time for informal discussion. The theme is broad, including economic modelling, OR methods, electrical engineering, etc. It roughly corresponds to to the interests of the Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment section of INFORMS. (NB: If you go to INFORMS events but are not an ENRE member, you might want to have a look at Anyone is welcome.

The series is organised by Harry van der Weijde (University of Edinburgh) with help from others around the world. We need volunteers to present at coming sessions. Have a look at the Programme to look for an empty slot and email Harry if you are interested. This is a good opportunity to get feedback from what is probably a larger and more diverse group of people than would see your talk in an average conference. We welcome contributions from academics and industry participants.

Please bear with us as we populate this website with more information, including links to papers and slides.