Fellow earthlings!

Welcome to our blog on Data Science and all things related!

We are a group of PhD students applying machine learning and related methods to a variety of problems in fields as diverse as household electronics, brain strokes and mice.

Our journey has been fraught with bugs, chalk stained clothes, and mathematical anomalies … and we have picked up a couple of tips and tricks and novel insights along the way which we are excited to share with you!

Just to whet your appetite, you can expect musings about music-generators, ponderings about privacy and daydreams of model derivatives.

If we’ve already convinced you to follow our blog, please jump straight to the juicy part! If, however, you want to know the details of our programme, read ahead. 

The CDT in Data Science is a 4-year program designed to train researchers in data science based at the University of Edinburgh. It is based on cohorts, and so ranges from the already graduated to the newly initiated. 

Data science consists of ideas from machine learning, statistics, optimization, databases, natural language processing, computer vision, and speech processing. Within our group of over 50 students, we have people working on all of these domains. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we enjoy writing about them!

Yours truly,
the Editorial Team!


Sigrid Passano HellanWho divides her time between covariance derivatives, forests and crosswords.  In between looking at endless videos of mice, Michael Camilleri spends his time building and restoring locomotives. Linus EricssonWho’s chasing down higher-order gradients while running up Scottish mountains and playing some music.


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