In 2022, the Caliphal Finances team participated in several notable events.Our journey began at the XXXth International Congress of Papyrology, held in Paris from July 25 to 30. Our Principal Investigator (PI), Marie Legendre, presented her research, “Le paiement des impôts à l’époque abbasside: L’exemple de la capitation,” on Friday, July 29, in the Arabic Papyrology session. The overall program was incredibly engaging, and we attended numerous sessions focused on taxation. For more details, you can view the program [here].

In September 2022, the team attended the conference The Theory and Practice of Rebellion in the Early Islamicate World,” organized by the SCORE team in Hamburg. Marie Legendre presented a paper titled “Revolts and Papyri: Everyday Administration and Elites in the Turbulent Long Eighth Century.” Listening to the various papers on revolts and rebellion was particularly enlightening, especially those that addressed taxation and the intricate relationships between the narratives of these revolts and their historical context.

In October 2022, Noëmie Lucas participated in the annual exploratory and informal workshop on history writing in Arabic organized by KITAB at Aga Khan University and co-hosted with SOAS University and the University of Oxford “Arabic pasts, History and historiography”. It took place in London from 6th – 8th of October. Noëmie presented a paper entitled “Use and Reuse of a Well-known Treatise on Taxation: Abū Yūsuf’s Kitāb al-Kharāj” in which she used KITAB’s software PASSIM to compare the Kitāb al-Kharāj of Abū Yūsuf to the large OpenITI corpus of books in order to find how much material they share, focusing on how this shows reuses of the Kitāb al-Kharāj over In November 2022, Noëmie Lucas presented in the SCORE Lecture series (Winter Term 2022-2023). She discussed her research on tax revolts in a talk titled “When the Arabs Refused to Pay Taxes: The Egyptian Delta Between Revolt and Allegiance in the Abbasid Period.”


Finally, in December 2022, Marie Legendre and Dalia Hussein attended the conference “A Hard Row to Hoe: Landowning and Land Management in the Medieval Islamic World (622-1250 CE) organized in Oxford by Dr. Arezou Azad, Dr. Thomas Benfey, and Prof. Hugh Kennedy. For more details, you can view the program [here].