Congratulations to Amirreza Sarencheh for his outstanding achievement in winning the prestigious “Best Fintech Student of the Year” award at the 2022 Scottish Financial Technology Awards, organised by DIGIT, Scotland’s renowned technology, media, and events company.

Amirreza, a dedicated PhD student at the Blockchain Technology Lab, University of Edinburgh, has been conducting groundbreaking research at the intersection of computer science and financial technology, under the expert guidance of Prof. Aggelos Kiayias.

Amirreza Sarencheh (centre) at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards

The event at Edinburgh’s Sheraton Grand Hotel celebrated excellence, acknowledging exceptional companies and individuals for their contributions to the industry.

The award’s criteria were set at a remarkably high standard, with judges searching for an individual who has demonstrated exceptional academic development, positively influenced learners around them, and actively engaged with the Fintech community.

Amirreza’s triumph in this competitive landscape can be attributed to his prowess in three key areas:

  1.  Achievement: His ability to identify and articulate significant accomplishments within his chosen category sets him apart as a deserving winner.
  2.  Substantiation: Amirreza skillfully substantiated his achievements through thorough explanations, supporting evidence, and tangible outcomes, leaving no doubt about the extent of his contributions.
  3.  Differentiation: The manner in which Amirreza distinguished himself from his peers convinced the judges that he was the most deserving recipient of this esteemed award.

Commenting on his win, Amirreza said: “It is my honour to receive this very prestigious award. First of all, I am grateful to the organising team, DIGIT, for organising this fantastic event. And I really appreciate both of my fantastic PhD supervisors at the University of Edinburgh, Prof. Aggelos Kiayias and Dr. Markulf Kohlweiss, who enormously supported my PhD studies. And last but definitely not least, many thanks to my immediate family and my wife who supported me greatly.

We commend Amirreza for his outstanding work and eagerly await further contributions to the world of financial technology.

To watch Amirreza collecting his award, please click on the video below.