Welcome to the History of Art @ Edinburgh blog!

Photograph of a History of Art gathering at Talbot Rice Gallery, by Maud Kovadloff, one of our MA (hons) students

We are art historians at the University of Edinburgh. We are 30 “faculty” and 10 teaching fellows and we are active in teaching and research in areas from late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern to 17th/18th century and Modern and Contemporary art.

History of art is at the crossroads of so many disciplines: our approaches range from the archival and archaeological to the philosophical, anthropological, and sociological. History of Art at Edinburgh is so much more than “art” and “history”. 

 Our vision is to be as open, inclusive, and enquiring as we can be. We value intellectual curiosity and determination to make the world a better place by exploring, questioning, and celebrating the artistic and material creations of people from the widest possible range of places, periods, and perspectives. Whether in the past, present, or future, we see art as an insight into some of humanity’s best achievements and critique of and antidote to its worst failings.