Welcome to the home page of the Analysis Group at the University of Edinburgh. We work in a wide range of areas of mathematical analysis, including Linear and Nonlinear PDEs of a variety of flavours (Elliptic, Hyperbolic, Parabolic, Dispersive and Stochastic), Harmonic Analysis, Free Boundaries and General Relativity.

The Analysis Group is part of the School of Mathematics at Edinburgh which has consistently been placed in the top 5 UK departments over the last 20 years as measured by recent Research Assessment and Research Excellence Framework Exercises.

Our group plays a central role in MIGSAA, the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications, which has admitted around 70 students PhD over the last five years. MIGSAA is a joint venture with our Maxwell Institute partners Heriot-Watt.

The Analysis Group arranges numerous activities including seminars, working groups, mini-courses, LMS Network meetings, and conferences. Please follow the links on this page to see some of these activities.