12.00 – 13.00 GMT, Zoom Webinar


Conservation of the Façades in Historical Centers: Why, How and for Whom

The speech, referring to case studies, will highlight the multidisciplinary features involved in the conservation process, such as regulations about protected and not protected buildings, urban planning, energy efficiency and fiscal incentives. The impacts of conservation and the relationship among analysis phases, quality of the intervention, valorisation activities and community involvement have to be discussed. The façades are the “public” side of historic properties, even if the owners are private. Conservation of the façades of historic buildings can affect the urban quality and people’s attitude toward the cultural heritage, enhancing the awareness of the cultural values shared by the community.


Rossella Moioli

Rossella has a master’s degree in architecture and works as a professional in the sector of Conservation and Valorisation of Cultural Heritage, focusing on conservation and reuse of historic buildings and on wide-area projects of enhancement of built cultural heritage.
For years Rossella has been cooperating with Politecnico di Milano in the frame of the research on Preventive and Planned Conservation of built cultural heritage.
She teaches Architectural Restoration in Pavia and Milan and is Co-Director of the master “Management of Cultural Heritage”, in MIP Politecnico di Milano graduate School of Business. She has published on her professional works and on Preventive Conservation.