5.30pm – 7.00pm, followed by a wine and nibbles reception in the Foyer of Adam House.


Re-thinking ruins in the contemporary landscapes

The lecture focuses on the role that ruins play in urban and rural contexts in terms of meaning, testimony, values and opportunity. Reflections from the historical and contemporary outline of both theoretical and practical approaches to ruins has provided a stimulus to investigate, rethink and re-evaluate these ‘misunderstood architectural objects’ that have been often restored controversially or, by contrast, completely neglected. This has created the need to codify a transdisciplinary approach that, starting from in-depth explorations, offer a solid basis for the assessment and enhancement of values as well as the design of future sustainable interventions, respectful of ruins, identity symbols in contemporary landscapes.

Elisa Pilia holds an European PhD in Civil Engineering and Architecture (University of Cagliari – Italy) where she is research fellow and collaborates with the research group of Architectural Restoration, Drawing and Survey, and Geomaterials in the activities of research and tutoring. The topic of personal research is related to buildings in a state of ruin. In particular, ruins are investigated in their urban, architectural, historical and social aspects, with the aim of a possible conservation or sustainable reuse. From 2015, she carries out her research in collaboration with The Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies (University of Edinburgh). Currently, she is attending the School of Specialisation in Architectural Heritage and Landscapes at the University of Naples Federico II.