5.30pm – 7.00pm, followed by a wine and nibbles reception in the Foyer of Adam House.


Accessibility of Historical Buildings. Theoretical Issues and Experiences

The lecture will analyse the issue of accessibility of historical buildings. In particular, the purpose is to highlight the difficult relationship between the necessity to improve usability conditions for everyone in accessing historical buildings – which in many cases, such as castles, were built to be inaccessible – and respect of the main principles for architectural conservation, such as authenticity, reversibility, minimum intervention, and so on. The idea that usability can sometimes be interpreted not only as physical accessibility, but also as sensory-perceptive comprehension of the places of cultural interest will be investigated, along with the help of some interesting examples.

Annunziata Maria Oteri is full Professor in Architectural Restoration at the Polytechnic of Milan; Architect Specialized in “Restoration of Historic Buildings” (University “La Sapienza” of Rome), PHD in “History and Conservation of Architectural Heritage” (University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria). Her research interests concern: Relationships over time between archaeology and practice of conservation of archaeological sites, and ruins in general; the investigation of changes in methods of conservation of historical buildings by investigating practical applications of theoretical issues of conservation (reversibility, compatibility, minimum intervention, accessibility); relationship between transformation and conservation of historical city centres damaged by catastrophes (earthquakes, wars, etc.); in particular between theoretical issues of conservation and reconstruction policies.