Conservation of Interiors from the 1950s–1970s in Montréal, Québec

This masterclass is jointly offered by the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies and the Institute for Historic Buildings Conservation – IHBC.

From any point of view, the conservation of interiors is a complex issue. Interiors are, by definition, the spaces where people live and work. Therefore, they are subject to numerous changes over time as needs and standards evolve. The conservation of modern interiors brings an additional challenge, one related to the identification of their character defining elements. Interiors from the modern era introduce a different and more subtle aesthetic. In light of this, is the conservation of modern interiors possible, and if so, to what extent? This presentation will focus on transformations to interiors by the presentation of case studies showing the results of renovation and adaptive reuse.

Claudine Déom is a professor at Université de Montréal’s School of Architecture where she teaches heritage conservation. After her undergraduate studies in Urbanism, she pursued a Masters in Art History and a Ph.D. in Art History. Her research interests focus on the history of Canadian conservation and on the new definitions of heritage, with a particular interest in social value.