BIM for Heritage: Will the Marriage Flourish?

The presentation will consider the pending marriage between New Build and Heritage orientated BIM initiatives. Offered in six parts, it will start by reflecting on where heritage interests sit against an emerging range of new technologies. Moving on to ask whether or not we are ready to assimilate BIM’s contemporary language, it will then deliberate on what conservation considerations have been omitted from current new-build thinking. The presentation will then look at how this approach to BIM has powered ahead in isolation, and reveal the ameliorating intentions of the BIM4Heritage Special Interest Group (BIM4H). Putting this initiative in context it will consider how the Council on Training in Architectural Conservation’s recent annual conference reports and short-term BIM4Conservation Group flagged up a broad range of conservation matters that has begun to influence some official thinking. Finally, it will briefly look at how laser-scanning and related expertise has become involved in the implementation processes, and reflect on some challenges that remain to be faced.

Ingval Maxwell’s 48-year professional career in Historic Scotland focussed on the conservation of ancient monuments and historic buildings, including 15 years as Director of Technical Conservation, Research and Education Division. He has represented the UK in a variety of EC Research Projects, and acted as a World Heritage Site expert for ICOMOS/UNESCO. Retiring from HS in 2008, he is currently a Stone Federation Awards Judge; advises the RIBA on Conservation Accreditation issues; is Chairman of the Council on Training in Architectural Conservation; Vice Chair of the BIM4Heritage Group, and a Member of the RIBA Conservation Group.