This open educational resource (OER) has been created as part of the Digital Futures in Learning module; a component of the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh.

Intended Audience

This OER is intended for educational professionals and MSc students working in education with particular interest in digital education, digital futures, education technology and/or e-learning more broadly.


The background to this OER, is a position paper for the Digital Futures for Learning module.  You can read this paper for further context if you wish, however it is not required for completing this OER.

What you will need to complete this OER:

  • Time – This OER will take approximately three hours to complete. There are activities to embed the learning, along with a ‘pause for thought’ in each section for those who wish to explore the topic in more detail. Note – the further resources provided are not included in the 3hrs to complete.
  • Access – This OER requires access to the internet, as the content is hosted on WordPress, so it is ‘open’ to all (with connnectivity). All of the resources used are freely available online. However, some of the references used may be limited to access via your institution. Note – you will need to ‘Accept’ the privacy statement on all videos in order to view them.
  • Supporting materials – You may wish to have a notebook and pen to hand; as you might want to note down your considerations throughout your learning, along with your activity contributions. By doing this, you will have a useful reference to take away, or if you choose to re-visit this resource.
  • Engage with the topic – you get out what you put in…so please come to this OER with the intention of completing the activities, along with allowing yourself time to reflect on key considerations. They are designed to support and embed your learning, and an opportunity for you to contextualise your learning further!  This OER has been designed for personal learning but your full engagement is encouraged, as it will benefit both yourself and future learners.
  • Final note – This OER has been designed without the need to sign up to any other services, products or platforms. There is also no requirement to disclose personal data.


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