ECA MFA Illustration + Graphic Design Exhibition in Taipei ‘Way of Life, Weight of Life’ YiJie Chen, Chien-Wei Yu, Hsiang-Ping Huang and Ming-Chen Liu Joint Exhibition    名為生命的集子,由日常生活的篇章組成人存世的樣態。至高者也許能夠自宏觀的歷史中,斷章取出真義,而我們只得身在其中,以肉身包覆日常細節的林林總總,集合片段而成的重量確是時空中的真實。    2020年,英國的街頭瀰漫末日氛圍,疫情隨之而來的是封城閉店、居家隔離,我們在愛丁堡籌劃已久的實體展覽也在突如其來的改變之中戛然而止。天地在升溫,可人類世界的一切彷彿都在漸漸凋零、枯萎。我們的創作持續下去,或者說在獨處中重新歸依於生活最細瑣的時刻,包含日常無可避免的缺陷與遺憾。    異地同鄉,陳依婕、游千葦、黃湘萍及劉名真四位創作者,先後自愛丁堡回到台灣,梳理一段時間的生活體悟,舉辦聯合展覽「眾生.重生」。重可以有兩種讀音,一指生命之重,是活著本身伴隨的沉重抑是認真對待而賦予其重量;二則代表展覽對於我們而言重生的意義。    The volume called Life is composed of chapters featuring everyday trifles that constitute diverse forms of human existence. Unlike metaphysicians who may be able to extract truth from human history […]

Movements + Moments OPEN CALL FOR NEW COMICS 2020 – 2021 Goethe-Institut invites graphic artists and teams of graphic artists and writers/authors/scenarists to submit proposals for new comics on Indigenous feminist movements and activists from the Global South. Up to ten selected stories will be published in a Comic Anthology in 2021. Aug 31, 2020

Summer Event ECA Illustration

‘ILLUSTRATION 2020: Metamorphoses’ Please join us for an inspiring afternoon of live talks, discussions and a Q&A on the 20th August 2020 4-6pm online We will be virtually joined by graphic novelist and illustrator, Isabel Greenberg, illustrator, designer and textile artist, Maria Ines Gul, and sculptor, designer and artist Wilfrid Wood. Register for FREE to attend here: Jul 15, 2020

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