Learning is a process of communication, and feedback is essential to this. Don't miss out on the opportunity to use feedback to improve future performance. Our latest post looks looks at three types of feedback you may receive for your assignments: https://t.co/djQHrjKcrd https://t.co/cWxAZty08n

Dec 6, 2021

Our last post in the exams mini-series is now available. In these posts we offer practical advice to successfully complete exams. Part 1 - Tips to Start: https://t.co/jvnPZdCc5n Part 2 - Effective Revision: https://t.co/3SBZiFeRJ5 Part 3 - On the Day: https://t.co/U7aXCY9pp8 https://t.co/B1K0RxUPLb

Dec 2, 2021