Need Help?

The following list is useful for when you are not sure which of the University services, webpages or resources offers the advice or guidance you need. But please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the support options and services across the University.

All links redirect to University of Edinburgh services or webpages.


Accommodation and Housing  I want to know more about accommodation options University Accommodation

Private Accommodation

I am looking for a flat and/or flatmates Looking for Accommodation
I have a question about or problem with my tenancy (e.g. bills, repairs, landlord issues, etc.) During your tenancy
I am moving in or out of my accommodation, what should I do? Moving in

Moving out

Equality, Representation and Inclusivity I have a disability and/or specific learning difference Student Disability Service
I want to connect with my community Liberation Campaigns
I want to participate more in the student community EUSA

Sports Union

IT Support I am a new student Getting connected to the University Systems
I need help with EASE / MyEd / LEARN / my email etc. IT and Computing Help
I want help with digital skills or research


Digital Skills

Research Support

Jobs and Employability


I need a job now



Careers and opportunities

I want help with my CV and/or application CVs, applications and interviews advice
I want to discuss my career and/or work on my employability skills Careers Service information, advice, and guidance
Studies: General Support I need help with studying or study skills (e.g. time management, academic writing etc.)


Study Hub

Institute for Academic Development

I want to plan/view my timetable


Path (requires EASE login)

Set up your personalised timetable

T@ed Portal in MyEd

Your 365 Calendar

I want to change my degree/discuss about my future


Talk to your Personal Tutor and/or Student Support Team

Careers Service: Career consultant appointments

Where can I find past papers? Exam papers online
I need help with using the library The Library
Studies: Managing Difficulties I need course or coursework help


Talk to your relevant lecturer/course organiser

School-specific support and resources

EUSA Peer Learning Support (PALS)


I am not happy with my performance/grades Talk to your Personal Tutor and/or Student Support Team
I need a coursework extension and/or have extenuating circumstances Talk to your Personal Tutor and/or Student Support Team

Special Circumstances

Health, wellbeing, and mental health support How do I take care of my health while at university? Health Services
I want to improve my wellbeing


Student Wellbeing Services

Manage your wellbeing

I need to talk to someone now Helplines

Mental Health Crisis Support

I want to talk about my mental health



Student Counselling

My mental health is affecting my studies and/or academic performance


Talk to your Personal Tutor and/or Student Support Team

Student Counselling

Student Disability Service