Creative Assets from the Currents Course

Each year, the EFI Currents course focuses on a live challenge facing the world and global communities. It offers students an opportunity to focus on highly current issues such as the climate crisis, financial recession, democracy or unrest as it is happening. The students produce creative assets related to their personal experience and understanding of the challenge. These assets, written or visual, performative or digital, contribute to the University’s archive of the lived experience of global challenges. As part of the  South College Street study space exhibition we present three example assets from the first two years of the Currents course. These include: x12… better? by Annie Heaney (Currents 2020), Birds of the May by Lucie-Lotte Benninghaus (Currents 2021), The Guardian Piece by Christopher Forsey (Currents 2021).

Explore all the Creative Assets from both Currents courses on the EFI Student Exhibitions website.