@HannahMBuckland Ah gosh I can totally relate to this feeling of 'psyching yourself up' for the big jobs just now https://t.co/W86RCNmp1y


@MikeVolc Not to be put off if you're not super outdoors-y and haven't done loads of hill walking, DofE expeditions etc. It's not all about fieldwork and there's so much cool science that you can do with computing, maths and physics

Mar 3, 2021

Sophie Butcher retweeted:

Not all volcanoes are created equal!🌋New multidisciplinary paper out today showing that pre-eruptive processes in Galapagos are very different to Iceland/Hawaii! Great to work with @AndyFBell @volcano_dr @IGecuador and others! @tcddublin @GeosciencesEd ➡️https://t.co/fykxXF0k5C

Mar 2, 2021

@AmyJShore I'm gonna hug you all SO HARD when we're allowed again 😭😭😭

Feb 11, 2021

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Feb 11, 2021