Secondary research

Mario Cipriano:

I really liked how the audio would start to paint scene in my head. Sometimes the image would match the photograph and other times it would not.


Schlieren flow visualization:

I found this really interesting. How you can visualize aerodynamics, sound and heat with a few mirros, a light and a camera.



I thought it would be interesting to take 360 images and combine them with sound. The images would be kind of like the google maps photospheres.

To experiment, I took my phone and made a few panoramas.

I think it would work better if I could “freeze” the whole view in one go instead of slowly panning my phone.  It was pretty much impossible to include moving objects

Another idea was to some how program sections of the image so when you clicked on them they would make a sound. i.e, a car driving by, people talking or birds chirping.  However I do not know how I would go about doing that.