I did not do what I first intended to do,  make a bicycle.

Nor did I do what wanted to do next, document a trip to Thurso by bicycle. Fall in Scotland is rainy and cold. Not the best cycling weather.

I feel that the way this college is in orderly and neet rows than transitions to messily spaced rows refects the progression of my ride.


Next, I wanted to photograph the road as I cycled, creating an animation of changing conditions, pavement, and location.  I experimented while walking to the store. Looking at the video made me feel really nauseous so I abanded that idea pretty quickly.



Finally, I just went for a walk.


I saw bicycles, cars, busses and trains, people naping, working and maybe some aimlessly walking like me.

I began to wonder, what are these people thinking,  where are they going or who are they waiting for? What is their life like?  I began to make up stories in my head about them.

My aimless walk had turned into something.

One thing all of my ideas had in common were roads and their surroundings. Roads connect people no matter who they are. People tell stories about road trips, building roads, or just a walk to the grocery store. Roads are fundamental to our way of life.