While thinking about how bicycles can be the catalyst for so many narratives, I got to thinking about there frames and how they are made.

Monocoque:  Multiple different sheets of carbon fiber are laid within the mold. After the frame is cured, it will be extremely stiff and light.



TIG Welded Frame



Fillet Brazing: Creates smooth junctions between tubes.


Steel Lugs: One of the earliest ways of making a bicycle was with lugs. They provided extra security between the tube joints.


Lugs have been continued to be used with new and modern materials.

Titanium lugs/carbon fiber tubes

Carbon Fiber lugs and tubes



It is important to think about how bicycles are made. By the time a bicycle is ready to be sold it has undertaken a long journey. Starting as an idea in someone’s head. Then the materials for the frame are made. After the factory or workshop gets detailed plans for the bicycle.  If the frame is made in a factory many people take part in building the frame. Or the frame is made in a small workshop where one person does everything.