Primary Research:

Last week I experimented with parchment paper and water. How ripping crumpling and submerging the paper would change it. This week I tried to take the idea further.


First, I tried white parchment paper with black trash bags. I did not really like it because the idea was too similar and did not build on last week’s ideas.

Second, I took the parchment paper and lit it on fire. I liked the shapes and how they changed. It showed time and fleetingness and how things don’t last long before they are “trash”. However, I was worried I would get in trouble for lighting things on fire on my balcony. That ended those experiments.

If I had a better place to do this,  I would like to expand on this idea. Maybe with a stop motion or some other type of video.

I had two types of parchment paper, white and brown. I preferred the brown because it had a greater variation in brightness.

Secondary Research:

This project made me think about food. Food has a very short time span where it is edible unless it is packed full of preservatives.

Food can convey happiness and sadness or even a sense of place.  However, in the end, all that is left is a dirty plate and the lingering taste of the meal.

Noma in Copenhagen is using foraged Ingredients for the majority of their dishes. I never really thought about it, food is found or readymade art. The cooks transform ingredients into smells, textures and flavors that were not there before.

Noma, from the internet

With further looking, I found that a restaurant called Alinia.  Here dinner is more like a performance than a meal. “Art” is created on the table, hearing, taste, sight and touch are all used to consume the meal.

Alinia, From the internet

Alinia, from the internet


Trying to take my idea from last week further was fun and exciting. I have rarely had an idea that tried it, then later tried to rethink it. It was challenging to think of what I could try next.

I liked how the parchment paper almost formed animal-like shapes in the bushes and grass.

In the end, I think I preferred the images from last week more than this week. They seemed to have more character.