Forms and Nature research

I first started my research on forms and nature by producing a variety of different drawings of leaves, poppy seeds, skeletal poppy seed heads and flowers in a variety of different media to see what is best for my panel and chasing and repousse box. I  took these for inspiration and designed a range of jewellery variations that could be used for my piece of jewellery or medal out of wax. The images in this post shows my drawings in different media, designs for my wax piece and my final wax piece. I used, ink, pens, pencils, needle and thread, carbon paper, needle to poke holes and draw in the paper, pastel shavings pressed into holes, paper to cut out shapes and coloured card for backgrond.




Wax Medal

These are the designs for my wax carving of a piece of jewellery along with my final piece of a medal which is poppy seed pods made out of blue wax and leaves out of pink wax sheet.

The poppy seed pod is made with blue wax which i pierced out the shape using a saw and smoothed the edges then i used my wax burnisher then used the wax tools to shaped out the dip in the wax. The pink leaf wax has been cut out then used a wax tool for the pattern. I stuck them on with the red wax. This is my medal piece.