My 3 Form and Facet Vessels Rendered


This is the final product of my 3 vessels that will be made out of metal. I really enjoy rendering my designs as you can basically apply any materials that you like so that you can see what my vessel will look like as silverware. I designed the flowers myself using different commands e.g. bend, surface, rotate and extrude surfaces. I made the stem using the revolve command then made the green leaves using the symmetrical bend command.My Vessels are different shape vases for the flowers. I used Boolean difference to make the circle holes in the vases where the flowers can be positioned. I love how colourful the render has become. I could have made the table a different material so that the silver vases would stand out more and used less lighting. I had to change the colours of the flowers because when I used the flower material in the library as the petals on the flowers looked blurry and not like the red tulips that it was supposed to be and it was taking ages to render even when I change the resolution as shown in the image below.

This is the technical drawing for my final vases that I have rendered above. I used the Make 2D command first then used the aligned dimensions to see what the size of the vessels would be in silver.