week 6

I’m using Fusion Optix app for the first time, it’s helping me to understand the way the lights luminance and the spread of illuminance around the objects and spaces by Color gradient

The effect of light on 3D objects

The effect of light in spaces + natural light

The effect of light on flat surfaces and light/dark colours

One thought on “week 6

  1. Hi Hassan

    You have some excellent studies here for your lighting. Some weeks you have given your own reflections and other weeks less so. Try to include some text to explain what you found out by doing the lighting tests, not just that it looked nice, what happened when you mixed certain colours for example? Could you summarise what you found interesting or useful in the weekly lectures? What techniques and theory from weeks 1-6 will you add into your own design or future design work? This will add to the depth of your posts. We suggest you re-visit some weeks to add some text if you can.

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