Week 2

The path of the sun’s shadow (Video)

After doing this exciting experiment I can understand how the sun path works, I had to move my light from the edge of the table to finish my recording on the other side of this edge, if that makes sense, like if the earth is flat but that helps understanding


Record as shadow tracing (video)

Every hour the sun light moves more on the surface like 100% 120% 150% and so



Record as shadow tracing drawings +/or photographs through a day.


Understand and use a stereographic sun chart to set up a light for 3 times of day for a single date in the year

I noted South on the diagram, as I understand North of the azimuth is the default side, otherwise, if I use South I should say so.

White on Black

Black on white



Task: Sketched the ‘no-sky’ line on plan and drew the lighting within the space as tonal representations.

Daylight plan showing the LUX amount of some spots of St Albert’s church by using a mobile app, after calculating, the daylight factor is less than 2%, the space looks gloomy under daylight alone and needs more electric lighting.


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