Week 1


I believe the question of “Who are you designing for?” is a good one to ask. I never knew that for our eyes the colours vision and light absorption would be reduced with ageing, but what comes to mind is that these facts will affect the designer himself, which means I won’t be able to see the world as I used to when I get older, but the good thing is that as I get older, I can understand how elders see things and perhaps I will understand what they like more for their interiors designs. However, I understand now that I need to consider my agent’s age and maybe my age as well for the design.



the facts: where, when, what? This photograph was taken on October 30,2021, at Xsite Braehead in Glasgow. I frequently visit this facility because it houses a variety of arcades and entertainment, including virtual reality simulators.

technical/narrative description: Because the facility is for gaming and entertainment, the ceiling and lighting have been designed to resemble space and its stars, with LED lights mounted on metal black, painted panels beneath the black painted ceiling.

your own reflections: I think it’s great to use lighting to imitate your thoughts in real life; they’ve saved money on the ceiling by concealing the original ceiling beneath the lights; it’s more technical than artistic, but it’s still lovely.




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