Week 11: Overall Reflection

Throughout the 11 weeks in this course, I learned how to improve my sketches and different new sketching methods such as rotated plan sketch, 2-point and 3-point perspective sketching etc. Thanks to this course, I was also able to experiment with new materials such as rattan cane, polymorph and plasticine, broadening my horizon in terms […]

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Week 10: Reproductive Processes

Our task this week was to translate the given orthographic projections into parallel projections, then recreate the cubes with plasticine. This task was relatively simple, as I was quite used to drawing cubes at this point, albeit not by freehand. The plasticine itself took me a bit of time to soften at first, but it […]

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Week 9: Iterative Sketching

Our task this week was to draw 20 iterations of a cup. I first drew an orthographic and 3D sketch of the chosen cup, allowing me to get a better grasp of the cup’s original composition. Next, based on the 3D sketch, I created 20 variations of the cup, creating different cup shapes and handles […]

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Week 7: Focus Groups

Our focus group decided that we should first attempt to recreate each other’s polymorph objects only by looking at the instruction sheets, then give each other feedback before creating our final objects and instruction sheets. I first tried to recreate Zita’s finger splint. The description was quite easy to follow and the splint wasn’t hard […]

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Week 6: Grading and Shading

One of our tasks this week was to experiment with polymorph and create 5 small shapes that align with our hand in some way and can be useful. From the photos above, I have made a mouse wrist support (which can also double as a chopstick rest), a thimble, brass (actually polymorph) knuckles, a table […]

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Week 5: Mid-term Reflection

After a good 4 weeks in this course, it has allowed me to practice my sketching skills more, including both drawing methods that I have learnt before in high school such as 2-point perspective, 3-point perspective and orthographic sketches; and new methods such as rotated plan sketches and reference geometry sketch. These perspective drawing tasks […]

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Week 4: Linear to Physical

One of the tasks this week was to create a light-basket. I chose rattan cane as my choice of material as I wanted to try making an actual mini-basket with materials that I have yet to explore. Admittedly, the process was much harder than I expected, especially with creating the rim, where I had to […]

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Week 3: Rectilinear Volumes II

For week 3, we had to create rectilinear compositions again, this time with plastic. I created 3 different compositions consisting of cubes and cuboids. The most challenging part for me was definitely looking for sources of plastic to begin with, since plastic isn’t as easily accessible when compared to paper or cardboard. I ended up […]

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Week 2: Rectilinear Volumes I

In week 2, we had to create rectilinear compositions with different materials ranging from paper to cardboard to mountboard. I created 6 different compositions, mainly out of cubes. Though there is less variation, I was able to play around with different sizes of the cubes and cuboids, how they interact with each other and how […]

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