manifesting what?

As an artist in this world, I am committed to being present. To take part in what is happening around.
Keep my spirit and my sensual sensitive being open.
Experience the world at his fullest and every moment, experience the changes at my surrounding.

zooming out and zooming in

To communicate and create contacts and share information and knowledge to empower, so something bigger can happen.
to care for my surrounding, to practice sharing and generosity. Even in the points where it is hard.
Where the ego is present. Practice seeing. noticing

Transforming information through aesthetic experience.
To notice light darkness and shades and colours, tactility. Rhythms.

Pushing the edge, my edge, and my serenading, challenging. Fighting laziness.

Revenge on life and violence through creation, as a door to sanity.

mind maps

starting to map my practice, and getting stuck. excuse my spelling

first mind map



gliche photograph 2020