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In my work, I address matters of human rights, displacement and diaspora. I grapple with these issues and investigate how the “familiar” is no longer a given.
I aim to create multi-narrative visibility, addressing the topic of narrating history from a singular point of view. To reveal these complexities, I research how emotional, psychological, and cultural influences affect the way we perceive and create images.

I strive to unravel different power constructs within ecological and economic structures by deconstructing them visually and conceptually.
In past works, I have digitally distorted photos, damaging their data. Later on, I started working with landscapes whose natural data was changed by human intervention.

I have found continued interest in the subjective nature of the perception of images. Therefore, to get external incites, today I explore the human perspective of diverse truth and narrative, through collaborative paintings and projects. Through the interaction with each other on the painting surface, I explore the ways of communicating about culture, truth, ego and territory.

I use mainly the mediums: painting, photography, sculpture, new media and printmaking.
Through its ability to shift paradigms, I hope that making art with a critical point of view can improve reality itself.

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