thinking progress

Putting into words the progress in my research


I have 3 main points:

  • Landscape changes by humans, or distorted landscapes
  • Perspectives.
  • Changes of narratives by a singular point of view


At my previous work, I wondered about using only my point of view.

The practice I chose to show that at this point, working on a series of paintings with another person. In a collaboration documenting the changes that are done in the way.

The painting is the territory. The ego is the trip. The story, the dictation. 🙂


Mayben at the future compressing them into a gif animation, of the different steps. 


Regarding the theoretical part, I relate to issues of colonialism and post-colonialism. Where occupying land sometimes is translated into creating ground facts. Cover and change the actual visual reality. At the Middle-East where I am located, the tactics are house demolitions, planting trees, forests, settlements and cities. 

History narration and maps.

Sometimes one might look more related or connected to the place, who is more native? But they are becoming more and more similar with time the colonised and the coloniser, Dancing an endless destructive dance together on the same territory. 


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