‘In Love With You  Is Like A Plague’ ‘与你相爱就像一场瘟疫‘

50 X 60 CM Oil Pastel

‘In love with you is like a plague, when I have it, it will breaks my heart.’


‘My Mom Lies About She Allows Me to Have A Dog’ ‘妈妈骗我说要养狗了’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel, WaterColor

‘You lie to me.’ ‘Which time do you mean?’

‘你骗我’ ‘你说哪一次’

‘Bad Dreams Never end’ ‘噩梦做不完’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘Bad dreams never end, and so is my love to you’


‘Tear You Up’ ‘撕碎你’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘I tear you up, but why I still unhappy’


‘They All Died, But Why I Still Alive’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘ So many people are died, I will die too’


‘Broke Up’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘You broke my heart, but I am still in love with you’


‘He is A Murderer, But I Still In Love With Him’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘There is no right and wrong, even the law can be wrong, why I can’t be wrong’


‘He Is A Murderer, And He Kills Me’

40 X 50 CM Oil Pastel

‘He kills me, but I know his gentle side, that’s enough’



‘Swimming In The Pain’

40 X 50 CM

‘The only freedom that I know is freestyle’


‘Screaming In Their Arms’

40 X 50 CM

‘I lying down in their arms. It’s too hot makes me wanna scream’


‘Good At Suicide’

35 X 50 CM

‘I know 100 kinds of ways to kill myself. I think I am just good at suicide’


‘Can’t See Your Pain, But I Am In Pain Too’

50 X 60 CM

‘We can’t understand each other but we still need each other’






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