Dear Nanny

Katie made chicken pie for dinner on Sunday and it reminded me of you – can we make one together when I’m back? I’m sure it would cheer Dad up. Don’t tell him, but I found an old Led Zeppelin tee in the Oxfam down the road which I’m going to bring down for him. 

I’m writing to give you a bit of an update about university. I guess this could all wait until I’m home but maybe it’s easier for me to start writing about it before I start talking about it. The truth is, I’m really not enjoying my degree. And to some extent, I think that’s okay – we don’t always enjoy every minute of everything. But sometimes I wonder if I only wanted to study international relations because Dad wanted me to, which makes it even harder for me to speak to him about this. I’ll obviously wait until he’s a bit better to bring it up, but I can’t keep ignoring it any longer.

In other more lighthearted news, Andrew took up my offer of him stopping off at ours for the last few days of the easter hols on his way back up to Edinburgh, so you’ll get to see him again soon. I’ll probably ride back with him too. 

Must go now – Tilly is nagging at me to finish washing the dishes (again). 

With love, 


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