Dear Nanny

Pass on my thanks to Mummy for the Tesco vouchers – I cooked a lovely salmon risotto for the girls, and stocked up the baking cupboard. 

I have just returned from a hike up Blackford Hill, and will spend the rest of the day making a head start on the essay.  

How is Grandad? Has he managed to play any more golf recently? I hope Chow Mein is recovering well. 

All the best to the family, give the dogs a cuddle from me. 


2 thoughts on “REPLY 001

  1. How would you consider presenting these? Video recording? Text? A physical letter? Also have you considered actually posting these, even if it’s just back to yourself?

    1. I’m not too sure actually. I think I’m a bit caught between wanting some sort of physical gallery display (like the good old days), whilst also recognising that physical exhibitions will be limited, and more people will being seeing this work virtually than physically. It will require a bit of thinking about the different formats of displaying artwork online. Maybe I’ll create a standalone website, where people can read the letters and even write their own replies to Nanny.

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