The image above shows the Leith born artists who have driven the design for my visitor centre. They are expressive artists with a love for vibrant colour that is shown powerfully in their work. The colour in their work will be echoed throughout the space. These artists will be held as permanent exhibitions  

These are artists who are residing in Leith and attended the Leith School of Art. Their work echoes that of JD Fergusson etc and each artist will hold a temporary exhibition followed by other artists in the area. They will also hold workshops in the studio space. 

The images above are my main source of inspiration for the space and will be found throughout my design. The vibrant colours will be seen along the walls on the ground floor as the visitors walk through the space and are transported from one artist to another. The simplistic and minimalistic black and white scheme will follow through from the ground floor to the first floor for the studio as to not overcrowd the space with colour. It is also essential that a work space isn't too overwhelming yet it provides inspiration for the visitor.