I started this project by investigating St Bridgets Kirk, I aim to create a site responsive piece of work. The Kirk is a site that I have visited since childhood. Beginning with Christmas picnics sat on gravestones to getting drunk on the surrounding beaches with friends.

The Kirk has a rich history fascinatingly involved with body-snatching fuelled by the Edinburgh medical school. It has since fallen to ruin and is a gathering place for dogs walkers, children and teenagers alike.

I plan on making a video inspired by the history of the church, using clips of video I have recorded giving a tour of the ruin.

I would ideally like to have the video screened in the Kirk ruins itself, the Kirk has a main hall perfect for seating and a sheet could be hung across and the film projected. This is unfeasible at the moment not only due to lack of resources but i’m also not sure how happy Historic Scotland would be.

I visited on Monday to gather some inspiration, taking photos and videos and some sketches of the sculptural memento Mori, dodging the children playing tig around the site.