From my feedback on my Eames House case study, I was told I needed to improve the staircase designs, using information from the Visual Glossary. I was still confused about how to go about this from the Visual Glossary as this just showed a diagram of the staircase, so I used Linkedin Learning and other tutorials online to try and learn how to do this.

I started by drawing a circle and then a smaller circle within from the centre. these measured at 8000 and 2000 units. I then drew a line up from the centre point and used the array tool to create a formation from the centre point. I used 12 segments to practise. The tutorial then said to add posts of the staircase by creating two circles, one at the top and one at the bottom, which I then used with the array tool once more. Then I needed to extrude the segments, which is something I got a little confused with, leaving me with this end result.