Seaweed sculptures


Working with seaweed has proved interesting.  Many of the sculptures I had planned, simply fell apart once dry.  Some became mouldy and smelled rancid and others were  incredibly delicate and fragile.  I somehow felt that is symbolic of current state of our oceans and the story I want to tell.  Our oceans are fragile, beautiful and should be handled with care


Seaweed ‘baskets’





Found charcoaled log on beach and dried plants – loving the shadows


Hand sewing seaweed into a ‘garland’



Seaweed coated with epoxy resin


Seaweed with epoxy resin coloured with PVA and red ink, highlighted with guilding wax.


I used a selection of bones found at the waterside as a base resin coated seaweed.  The seaweed was further resin set into the crevices of the bones





A large seaweed ‘leaf’ was coated in resin and moulded around a frame to create a canopy effect.  It was then resin set in a bone found at the waterside.



Pieces of seaweed were placed in muffin tins and set in epoxy resin.  The resin disks have been attached to a sheet of glass.  I want to be able to suspend the pane of glass so that you can appreciate the transparency of the seaweed






I took a selection of seaweed plants and set them in resin



The two pieces are set together (oops I need to clean my windows)



A selection of works together



This is still a work in progress.  I am sewing strips of seaweed onto a canvass bag.  I have stuffed the bag with cardboard.  Once the seaweed is dry I will remove the cardboard leaving an empty ‘shell’ through which I hope to be able to shine light through.  I then plan to varnish the work to enhance the luminosity and increase strength


Sewing strips of seaweed onto a canvass bag

As the seaweed dries it contracts.  I will sew more seaweed into the gaps.


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  1. Hi Tracey I am trying to use epoxy resin and seaweed for the first time to create a sculpture for college. Can you give me any advice please. Kind regards Mairéad

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