Semester 2 – colour project

Reading Time: 4 minutes As I start Semester 2 of 2nd year I join Painting, having studied Intermedia 1st semester.  My 1st task was to get my workspace into some assemblage of order.  That was a completely thankless task that took 2 days of my life I will never get back.  Looking at these images reminds me that I […]


Making the ordinary extraordinary – part 4

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Following our group tutorial it was suggested that I try and further develop the glass work with additional mirrors and a flickering flame rather than a light. I was also encouraged to further look at viewing through blurred glass. looking through painted glass screens     I used tea lights under the glass but […]


Anya Gallaccio

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Gallaccio is a Paisley born site-specific, minimalist installation artist​.  She studied at Kingston Polytechnic and Goldsmiths College​.  She mainly works with organic matter such as flowers/sugar/ice/chocolate etc​She is interested in the process of decay, transformation ​and entropy. Her work unfolds and develops over time, resulting in unpredictable outcomes.  The viewer will have a new experience every time […]


Making the ordinary extraordinary – part 1

Reading Time: 7 minutes Week 2 and for my ordinary objects I decided to choose something that is becoming increasingly apart of my life…glasses. As I am getting older I am finding the need to use glasses for reading increasingly necessary. I started to think about glasses in a wider Covid context. We are seeing the world differently. Much […]

Postcard Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Well that is my first week of second year completed and I have never felt like such a luddite.  As a very mature student of 54 years of age, this week I have felt every day of those years.  I have struggled with this new on-line world and the technology that accompanies it.  I […]