Semester 2 – colour project

As I start Semester 2 of 2nd year I join Painting, having studied Intermedia 1st semester.  My 1st task was to get my workspace into some assemblage of order.  That was a completely thankless task that took 2 days of my life I will never get back.  Looking at these images reminds me that I must paint that back wall and get rid of that hideous chandelier. Tasks for another day.

Love looking out to The Pentlands and Hillend.  In the evening the slope is lit up with twinkling lights.


Our first project was to create 10works – concentrating on colour

I did a few experiments with alcohol ink

I don’t like the gold flakes


This was ink and salt.  I love the orange and flash of blue.  Not sure I like much else

Alcohol ink and salt on Yupo paper – I like the rust and dark blood red.  I also like the wee flash of pink popping through.

This really didn’t work.  It was seaweed / wire / collage and ink – disaster


Landscape in watercolour and pastel – yuck.  Insipid/ uninteresting and totally boring

Landscape in pastels – better than the last.  Think the yellow and black work better than previous but hills, especially 2nd aren’t right

Acrylic on paper – composition is too linear.

This was an acrylic paining in my sketch book that I didn’t much like.  Revisited it with the addition of pastels (light green/ rust red  and yellow) and think it has much improved it in less than 10 min.

Not sure about this – was a quick acrylic with pastel.  had planned it as an under painting but stopped as think it is interesting as it is .  Not sure however about the white strip and if I should do something with it.

This was an old painting that I didn’t like.  I went back to to see if I could improve I actually think I have made it worse.  It feels too much as a slope and not sure about the addition of oranges and yellows.  Does it look like two different paintings?

Quick watercolour.  I covered the ‘rocks’ with tissue paper.  Not sure that was such a wise move.


I have been doing some experiments with cold wax



Trying to be more abstract but finding it hard.  I think the gold blobs might need more breaking up

This is the largest clod wax and oil painting I have done (103cm x 79cm).  I wasn’t sure about it – I do tend to overwork pieces all too often.  Anyway I decided to leave it a few days and come back.  I actually think it is finished though not sure if it could do with more of a light source.


I decided to try and work with brighter colours on a larger scale based on works by The Group of 7.  This is oil on board its 130 cm x 83cm.  Mentioning earlier how I overwork a project, I am well on the way to achieving this.

At this stage it still had some promise I think but I decided that the central bit wasn’t quite right and thought I would block it out and re do – oops…….

This is where it is currently.  Feck knows what I was thinking with those yellow and red blobs around the tree base.  Why I have decided to put all that purple on the rocks is a mystery too.  – I am walking away from this one at the moment befor I cause more damage.