Semester 2 colour project following 1st feedback

Following my first tutor meeting.  I was told to concentrate more on my composition.  I was keen to keep to a winter pallet.  This is my work this week

Field sketch of the Pentlands

Field sketch with watercolour and pastel

Pencil sketch on linen canvass

Under painting – should I have left it here?

Where I am currently.  I have so over worked this the paint is so thick I think it will take months to dry.  I want to brighten up the yellow but at the moment every time I touch it it just gets more muddy so I will need to set it aside for now and move on to something new.

This is a piece I started a week ago (oil and cold wax).  I really like the hills and sky but the foreground lets it down and to me almost looks like two different paintings.  The landscape is now covered in snow, should I make this a more winters scene?  Struggling to finish this with satisfaction. Any ideas/feedback welcomed……


This is a field sketch with ink wash that I really like.   Do I start this one or go completely out of my comfort zone and try something completely new – a portrait / still life / street scene?…………