For my personal project on Stitch to give voice, I decided to embroider various handkerchiefs. To read more about my personal project see my post: I decided to embroider the Virgen de Guadalupe as she is very important in Mexican culture. The Virgen de Guadalupe often represents motherhood, faith and social justice. My grandmother always has candles with the picture of the Virgen de Guadalupe on her altar. As the Virgen de Guadalupe is so meaningful in Mexico. I thought she would be a symbol that fits very well to protest the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students (more on that in …).

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I looked up some embroidery of the Virgen de Guadalupe and found this example in the picture on the left. I decided to do something similar but use different colours and a different design. When I was younger I owned a bag and various notebooks with this one specific design of the Virgen de Guadalupe so I thought it would be nice to recreate that design. The company that used to sell all the merchandise has stopped making them.

Image by Claudelina (

The image on the left is an embroidery of the old design of that company on a pillow. So I also drew inspiration from this picture.





Image by Dzaui

The picture on the left was taken in the process of me embroidering the Virgen de Guadalupe. I used orange for the french knots around her. Then I used the running stitch in yellow for the zigzag lines. While embroidering I decided to give some more texture to the embroidery and decided on the chain stitch for the inside of the zigzag. I then used split stitches for the blue outline. As the Virgen de Guadalupe often is depicted wearing a blue cape.

Image by Dzaui

Another picture with the finished Virgen de Guadalupe. I used brown for the satin stitches to depict the hair. I also used satin stitches for the gold lining of the blue cape. I used split stitches and stem stitches for the swirly rounds on the cape. Finally, I felt that it was still missing something as the purple inside was quite empty. I started doing running stitches and then remembered a stitching live stream I had followed on Instagram (highly recommend it! Every Sunday at 1pm Chloe had demonstrated the seed stitch on her live stream. So I decided to start with the seed stitch and I ended up decorating the purple dress with branches of trees. I’m really happy with the result and glad to have been inspired by a fellow classmate.