Image by Dzaui of a sample by Chloe Patience

Image by Dzaui of a sample by Chloe Patience

In week 8 we got to talk to Chloe Patience, a former student at ECA. We talked to her about her brand, bebaroque, which sold the coolest embroidered tights. The embroidered tights and designs were worn by artists such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Beyonce! She told us that while she was working at bebaroque it was a very busy time. They spent hours embroidering tights. We were lucky enough to be shown some of her samples of using beading in embroidery. Chloe showed us some of her work. She talked about getting commissioned and all the different things she embroidered.

Image by Kate Chandler

Personally, I was very impressed by all her work. My favourite, however, has to be the embroidery and beading she did for Nobody & Co. l love the 3D work and especially that caterpillar. The chair really looks like it was left in the woods and now animals are living on it. As well as branches are wrapped around it. The image on the left was taken by Kate Chandler (

To check out more of Chloe Patience’s work, go to her website 

Image by Dzaui

Of course, after seeing all the things that could be possible with beading it was time for us to try out some beading too. The image on the left is a picture of my sample where I tried out some beading for the first time. I tried to create a butterfly and a sun on the fabric. I thought it was quite fun to try something new even though the beads started getting everywhere.


(Kate Chandler )