During our first stitching class, we introduced ourselves and got to know our fellow crafty/artsy classmates. We then started off the class with a presentation showing the amazing ways in which stitching can be used.

Very first stitching class sample Image by Dzaui

Needles and embroidery hoops were handed to us and it was time to stitch away. Some of the basic stitches learned: the french knot, chain stitch, running stitch and the backstitch. With this information, we were sent home to prepare for next week and to let embroidery fill our lives with more joy.




Sketchbook Image by Dzaui

I decided to revisit some of the basic stitches and present it in a more aesthetic way. On Pinterest, there were a lot of satisfying embroidered textiles with the basic stitches so I wanted to do a similar thing with my sample. This picture is from my sketchbook with the sample.



This next one is an up-close picture of the sample.

Basic Stitches sample Image by Dzaui

  1. Running stitch
  2. Backstitch
  3. Stem stitch
  4. Split stitch
  5. Chain stitch
  6. Blanket stitch
  7. French knot
  8. Detached Chain stitch/Lazy Daisy stitch
  9. Satin stitch

For more examples on how to do these stitches visit: