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Thinking About My Study Plan

Not much to say at the moment, but during our presentation earlier today, I began brainstorming…

I can honestly say that I had no idea what I actually wanted to do, but after this little storm, I think I just might… Maybe?

The Brief

Your study plan is a place where you can outline some of the ideas you would like to develop in your work over the next few months. In planning how you would like your work to develop you should take some time to think about work you have already made. This could be work that you consider successful or unsuccessful – the important thing is that it should provide you with a jumping off point for this year.

Your study plan can take the form of an electronic document or a written notebook page. It could be an annotated drawing. Choose a method that works for you so that you can access it easily for discussion with your tutor.

You should return to your study plan regularly to update it – it is an active document that should outline what is important to you and it should be allowed to grow and develop with you.

Please have your study plan ready or in progress for your first tutorial so that you can discuss it with your tutor. Even better, please email it to them in advance.

Writing your study plan

Start by trying to identify two or three works that you have made over the last year and that you consider could give you good starting points.

Thinking about these works:
What interests you about them? What was successful or unsuccessful about them?

Is it possible to extend where these works have taken you (e.g. through looking at materials, process, scale, context, detail…)?
What adjustments will you need to make when considering your current working environment?

Do you need to or would you rather start afresh with a new or different approach to making work? List some starting points and practical steps to get started.

Is there anything you need to learn that will help you with this? (e.g. a technical skill or information about a particular subject…). Make a note of these so you can discuss them with your tutor.

What primary and secondary research do you need to undertake? This could include places you need to visit or objects you need to draw or photograph, texts you need to read, artists you want look at, material research you’d like to do. Make a list of research ideas.

What short and longer term ambitions do you have for your work? In other words what are you aiming to achieve just now in the altered landscape that we are all operating in, and what would you like to achieve over the next year and beyond?