Possible collaboration with my sister?

Something I was thinking about when doing my research into disperse dyes is just how simple it is to use them to create transfer prints onto fabric, and how this could be a really fun activity for the children my sister, Rachael, works with.

Not only are the dyes affordable, but the process itself is so simple! Paint image in reverse onto cheap paper, let it dry, iron onto fabric, and voilà!

Rachael works with children in an elementary school. One of the activities she does with her kids is art therapy, so I thought… How fun would it be for her kids to create a collaborative quilt together?!

I spoke with her about it, and she seems pretty excited by the idea too. She thinks each kid might even be able to make their own lap quilt for when they have rest time (they are in 1st Grade, so no longer nap, but do have a rest period where they put their heads down on their desks for a little while). At the moment they’re using towels, so this might be a nice activity that would result in something they could actually use.

Rachael’s idea when we were brainstorming was that she could give them all a piece of paper that’s sectioned off into enough squares for each child to have one panel ftom everyone else’s design. The actual piecing together of the quilts will probably be done by her, but still… Such a neat idea.

Anyhow, I will need to look into if this will work with our external project brief, but even if it doesn’t, if she gets the go-ahead, I will do this with her regardless.

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