notes on text W o r d s ,,, I mentioned that I always start with words in my study plan however I’m not sure that’s true. I don’t know if I like it, I feel like I use it as a cop out; when I can’t say what I want with object, with subject, I rush to words to just get it out of my brain.

In a few of my line drawings I found myself rushing to include text, merged with some form of desperation to say something with the image rather that letting the image exist alone. I personally don’t enjoy this execution of text as it highlights my lack of patience as I’m sure that with more time and thought I would be able to paint those words into images, therefore me simply using text feels very much like a cop-out. I’m currently still experimenting with finding a balance of using text as it does seem to be sometime that has continually popped up in my work since I’ve started creating. I really enjoy Henri Michaux’s use of text within his linear drawings and find them greatly inspirational. I would like to continue doing these line drawings and incorporate Charlie’s suggestion of building a flipbook method that reproduces the same visual pulsations and such that my animations provide. I also need to be more confident with my drawings… working on that… I think?

Maybe I shouldn’t be so scared of text and try to use it to help me develop any narratives I want to share.

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