On a beautiful sunny Saturday, I went out to visit the May Morris Exhibition at the Dovecot! I find blog exhibition posts particularly tricky to do, because I always take thousands of photos than feel overwhelmed when I have to post them all! My phone camera has a very high resolution too, so it means I individually resize every photograph uploaded on this blog. The more you know!

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One of the most common uni challenges is finding that social life and school work balance. Week 8 was not my time to shine. Given that Stitch starts on Monday at 9 A.m. (bright and early!). And I am an anemic, underweight girl who’s medication comes with a side effect of tiredness-so you can see where this is going-I was very much unfortunately not awake when I walked in. I also went out on the Sunday night prior to this class. (Once again, ground breaking and shocking considering my low energy levels and the fact that I rarely leave my flat past 7 P.M.) But the reason I went out was very very exciting!

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