I know the deadline for submitting the blog has now passed, but I finished off my piece for Alice Kettle’s Stitch12Stitches project just now! And I felt that even if this post is not graded, I would like to have it up on my blog. The idea is to stitch your time in isolation onto a white piece of fabric in either a rounded way or to fill a circular space. Alice will them compile the entries into a stitched quilt. So here is my piece!

As my work this semester has been focused on mental health, it only made sense to do an embroidered piece on a piece of my mental health in isolation. Remote working and personal safety of myself and my therapist has resulted in our sessions taking place over the phone. I am very thankful to be receiving support during this tumultous period, but I do miss the face-to-face contact that is provided in my usual sessions. I also do miss the “safe space” provided by being in the room where I do my sessions, not that my bedroom isn’t a safe space to me, but it doesn’t have the same feeling my usual setting has.





I stitched my words in backstitch, with my wonky yellow cellphone done in satin stitch for the outline, with a seed stitch filling and French knots for the buttons. The “Therapist” caller ID is done in split stitch but is debatably a little hard to read. I made an error in stitching my words on the right hand of the piece, accidentally repeating “I HOW” so I just crossed it out with some split stitch.


Above is Alice Kettle’s Instagram post advertising the project if you wish to take part!

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